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The Concierge Business Attorney®

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."  Ben Franklin, 1736

The Concierge Business Attorney®

Welcome to the law firm of A. Anthony Giovanoli, P.A.  I have been practicing business and corporate law handling transactional and litigation matters for more than 20 years.   Handling both transactional and litigation matters allows me to offer my clients, small and large, insightful advice on business strategy, spot issues at the transaction stage potentially helping them avoid protracted, costly litigation or, if my clients find themselves facing or in litigation, skillfully representing them.

A Little About Me

"I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs.  My parents own multiple businesses.  My brother has his own business too.  I learned many invaluable lessons working with my parents in their businesses for almost 20 years before starting my own law firm focused on business law.  I learned about and experienced the tremendous pressures placed on business owners, the high levels of commitment and hard work demanded of them, and the painful sacrifices they must be willing to make to get a business off the ground and to keep it running.  Business owners don’t just have their own families counting on them, but they also have their employees and their employees' families counting on them too.  I also learned that having the right business lawyer assist you is crucial to your business' success.  Having a business attorney who understands from personal experience the many obstacles business owners face just to make payroll, rent, and, generally, to keep their doors open is critical.  When representing my clients, I bring my experience working in my family's businesses and as a former "big firm" attorney to every matter I undertake. Regardless of the client or the matter, my goal is to provide each and every client with skilled representation and practical, business savvy legal advice."

Concierge Legal Service

Many assume that concierge lawyering is reserved for the exclusive few.  However, concierge lawyering should not be about the exclusivity of the client, but about providing each client, small and large, with personal attention and 24/7 direct access.  As your Concierge Business Attorney®, you will have direct access to me—including weekends and holidays.  You will also be able to depend on me to be where and when I am needed.  With my complete suite of technology, I have the capacity and flexibility to bring my Orlando office to any location nationally and internationally.

Practice & Consulting Areas

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