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The Concierge Business Attorney®

Let your concerns be my concerns.

The Concierge Business Attorney®

Welcome to the law firm of A. Anthony Giovanoli, P.A., where I work tirelessly to help individuals, professionals, and corporations in a broad range of business, corporate, arbitration, litigation, and regulatory matters. Regardless of the client or the case, my goal, as the Concierge Business Attorney®, is to provide high quality legal service, dedicated representation, and 24/7 access. Contact me today to request a free phone consultation.

Concierge Legal Service

Since 2006, A. Anthony Giovanoli, P.A., has provided concierge legal service. As the Concierge Business Attorney®, to me this means that clients receive dedicated service 24/7—including weekends and holidays. My clients can always depend on me to be there for them when and where it's most convenient. With my complete suite of technology, I have the capacity and flexibility to 'bring my office' in Orlando directly to any location in the State of Florida. Contact me today to learn how my selection of cost-effective engagement packages can be utilized to best accommodate your circumstances.

A Word from Founder A. Anthony Giovanoli, Esq.

"Many may think that concierge lawyering is reserved for an exclusive few. I believe, however, that concierge lawyering is not about the exclusivity of the client, but about providing the client with cost-effective, dedicated representation, and 24/7 access, regardless of who the client is. That is why I offer several engagement packages to meet each client's particular needs. Clients should not have to make business or personal decisions without first getting legal advice because they believe the advice is not affordable or that their lawyer can't be reached quickly."

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